Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Safety Tips

Did you know this is the time of year we see the most preventable injuries? Here are a few tips to keep your summer a little safer:

- Wear sunscreen and reapply every few hours during exposure
- Take plenty of water breaks when exercising
- When boating, carry a life preserver for each person on board
- When swimming, ensure proper supervision
- One application of bug spray should last the day, unless it is washed off
- When on wheels, wear a helmet! Bikes, scooters, skates, etc.
- Avoid using fireworks at home; enjoy public displays where firefighters are supervising
- When hiking or camping, using the buddy system. Never go out into the wilderness alone.
- Check the air pressure in your tires
- Tell a neighbor when you are gone on vacation so they can report any suspicious activity at your home while you are away
Use some common sense and have a happy, healthy season!