Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Your Body

Hey Everybody! Happy 2009! This is the perfect year to form a new relationship with yourself. Take some time and think about what your body and your mind truly need to be happy and healthy. In our office, it's Love Your Body month. Yes, Valentine's Day is fun for some, but we want everyone to love themselves.

Our bodies are amazingly adaptive organisms. They can help us survive even extremely damaging conditions, or just the daily commute to the office!

But they can do so much more! Give the right care and attention our bodies can help us THRIVE instead of just survive. That's why we're encouraging everyone to take some time for their bodies this month. Get an adjustment, a massage, a personal trainer, or just drink more water.

In our office, we're encouraging everyone we see to remind their friends, family and co-workers of the importance of taking care of ourselves.

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