Friday, March 13, 2009

Our New Website

It's Finally Here!!!

We have a new website for our practice that we are really excited about. You can check it out and let us know what you think. It comes with some really fun features like a memership option that allows you to get practice updates and health tips emailed to you, and a way for people to refer others to the site.

We are hoping the new site serves both our current and future clients even better. We are also excited that the site will be providing us a new format for our monthly newsletters. Our old newsletter was my baby: The Chiro-Health Currently. It was fun to flex my desktop publishing muscles once per month, but it was very labor-intensive and I found it harder and harder to get the newsletter out on time. Now I know our newsletters will be sent out on time without me having to worry about it, and that is a great feeling.

Also, we have a better email system that will allow me to send out email updates to our patients when we have some office-specific news to share. Our previous email system only allowed 17 receipients per email, and with almost 800 patients, updating everyone was always a laborious process!

Speaking of new things in the practice, we will be having a massage therapy intern joining us very soon. Stay tuned to find out when her hours will be so that you can book your next one hour massage! I have already had her work on me and she is great! She is still in school, but she is eager to learn and we know our patients will be happy to help her.

So check out our new site, and check back in here in a week or so for updates on the massage!