Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy!

August is Foot Health Month. A lot of you out there are probably wondering what a chiropractor cares about foot health. You’re thinking, “Isn’t that a podiatrist’s forte?” Not so! While podiatrists are an invaluable part of the medical community, we chiropractors care a lot about feet, too. Why? Because we’re all about balance. If you feet are having problems, what are the chances that the res of your body is being well-supported? Not very good. Your feet are your foundation. When they ache or when you use them improperly, the rest of your body has to compensate. Thus, we end up seeing patient for things like knee pain, hip problems and even low back and neck complains all because of their feet.

So, we are on a crusade! We want to check your feet. All this month, we’ve been doing it for free! We want to look at your shoes and your insoles and make sure your feet are getting the support and attention they deserve. A lot of you already have custom insoles, and that’s great. But how long ago did you have someone check to make sure they are still performing their desired function? Our bodies go through changes over time, with ligaments losing collagen and joints becoming less mobile. These changes can make your custom insole more of a problem than a solution. Let us check to make sure yours are still in good shape.
Bring us your heel pain, your toe pain and shin splints. Chances are, we’ll be able to identify your problem in one visit and give you suggestions on how to fix it. If you don’t see us, see another chiropractor. If they aren’t comfortable with foot problems, ask them for a recommendation of a chiropractor who is. This is serious, people. It’s your FEET we’re talking about.

Ok, so I’m off my soap box for now…