Monday, September 21, 2009

Continued Education

Last Tuesday evening, Dr. Mazgaloff and myself we invited to a dinner being hosted by the local CCA (California Chiropractic Association) chapter and by Insight Imaging (a local MRI facility). Let me tell you, this is how all informative meetings should go! It was held at a really nice hotel in downtown SF, there was a three course dinner included free of charge AND the speaker was very informative. The topic of his talk was on reading MRIs, specifically lumbar films. While most of his talk was review, there were a few little nuggets of information that were new/interesting. Also, Amelia and I felt very good because of the four questions he asked the room, we each got one right! In a room full of chiropractors who were sitting silently, unwilling to guess and get the answer wrong, we felt pretty good about that. What's more, we now have a relationship with the readiologists at that imaging facility. That is such a great thing for our patients because it means that we can call and speak with the doc when we have questions about which type of scan will be best. This saves our patients a lot of hastle and, in the long run, will make us more informed decision makers.

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