Monday, October 26, 2009

Gait and Posture Analysis

Last week went went to the Embarcadero YMCA for our monthly visit. Every other month we offer and Ask the Doctor day and every other other month we offer video taped gait analysis and posture evaluations. This month was gait and posture, so we packed up our video camera and our spinal analysis machine and headed over there. We had a great time! Some months we don't see many people but this month was great. We had a lot of people interested in learning more about their health and in talking to us about their posture or their running or walking. It was a great chance to get out into the community and educate people about chiropractic and what we do. A lot of people think chiropractors only work on the spine and only perform adjustments. But we do so much more! As musculoskeletal specialists, there is a lot we can offer, especially to the average athlete.

Gait analysis, especially, is helpful for runners or those who want to become runners. We have the person walk and run on a treadmill while videotaping their ankles. Then we talk with the person about what healthy gait looks like (straight ankles, good heel strike, no toe-out, etc) and we show them their video. We often stop the tape at intervals to help them see any inconsistencies in their own gait. When we are done explain to them any problems we see in their gait, we talk with them about footwear choices that will be best for them. If it looks like they need further evaluation, they are of course welcome to come see us at the office. It's a great service for the people who participate because this kind of gait analysis usually costs about $100. We provide it free of charge, and only ask that they make a donation of $20 to the YMCA.

A lot of people are running with poor biomechanics or with the wrong shoes and they end up injured as a result. It's an easy thing for us to point out where they are going wrong and help prevent injury. If it's too late and they are already having pain with running, we can help them with chiropractic and physical therapy to get them back in shape and into the right shoes.

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  1. What a great service you offer and for a fraction of the price. Gait Analysis is great for runners and I would highly recommend it as it does make a difference to the way you run and walk. Plus a good, fitted pair of running shoes makes running much more comfortable. Great post!