Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Massage Special

Happy October Everyone!

We've got a lot of exciting things going on in our office this month.

First, let's talk about massage! Who doesn't like a good massage? Our massage therapist, Sawanee, does an excellent job. She specializes in sports and deep tissue therapeutic massage techniques that will leave you feeling loose and limber and ready to take on the world. An this month, we're having a special: purchase two one-hour massages in October and receive a FREE bottle of Life Extension Multivitamins! Life Extension is a great company that has been providing high-quality supplements to chiropractors for many years. Their multivitamin will fill in the gaps when your diet isn't as complete as it should be.

Also, be sure to read the post about flu vaccines. I know a lot of you out there are on the fence about whether you should get one or not, and I hope the post is helpful.

We're also going to be visiting the Embarcadero YMCA near the end of the month for a gait and posture analysis event. Be sure to check our events schedule for details.

Also this month is Halloween, which we are very excited about. Send us some pictures of your costumes for our bulletin board!

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