Monday, January 17, 2011

Detox/Purification Day 10 of 21

I fell off the wagon this past weekend. I did well on Saturday, while I was working, but all that unstructured free time on Sunday was my undoing. I did not have any SP smoothies yesterday, and I ate some very off-plan foods, like chocolate cake, black tea and peanut butter.

Nevertheless, I am back on track today. I know we all have weaknesses, and I am trying to be forgiving of myself for my own.

The good news is that I am into a new phase of the detox. I am no longer taking 7 SP Cleanse capsules 3 times per day. Instead, I have graduated to 5 SP Green Food capsules only 2 times per day. My SP smoothies have remained the same.

Last week, at our meeting, Dr. Dakoji encouraged us to try an additional cleansing method this week. Some of the things she suggested were a castor oil compress, a colonic or enema, steam sauna or skin brushing. After doing some research about all of these, I determined that the skin brushing is realistically the only one that will work for my schedule. I have a soft brush with somewhat stiff bristles that I have been using when my skin is dry, after my shower. At fist, I noticed a lot of dry skin being removed. Now I see less of that and more of the glowing skin being revealed.

Some things I have found: 1) Prior to this program, I had been functioning at a lower energy level than I had ever imagined. Even my best days prior to the program pale in comparison to the amount of energy I have now. 2) When you start drinking more water, you crave even more of it. I don't feel thirsty or dehydrated, rather like having more water will be beneficial for my body. 3)Physical ailments like back pain or acne seem to respond to treatment much faster now than two weeks ago. 4) I am having a small amount of concern about losing too much weight all at once. I think this is the underlying reason I let myself fall off the wagon yesterday. I know rapid changes in weight are stressful on the body and I am beginning to swim in my clothes.

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