Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Detox/Purification Day 12 of 21

Yay for meat! I apologize to the vegetarians and vegans out there, but I am happiest when I have a little meat in my diet. Adding it back in felt really good. I also thought the timing was perfect. I was just at the point in my detox where I was beginning to feel the energy wane I associate with a lack of protein; the very next day I was able to add meat back into my diet.

Of course, I am still doing my smoothies twice per day and taking the 5 capsules of SP Green Food twice per day. The addition of meat has made me feel much more full and satisfied after my meals. Portion control is important, and I find I need to be careful that I do not eat all of the meat first. If I do, I am too full to eat my vegetables.

All in all, things are going very well. I have maintained my weight since last week, which makes me happy. I do not like to lose a lot of weight quickly. I am also not following any of the weight-loss advice that the program provides. I am confident that if I wanted to lose another 6 pounds, I could have done it easily. My focus has been more on detoxifying my body and giving my liver and adrenal glands a little vacation.

Physical symptoms have also leveled out. I do find that I am sleepy at night, which is new. I would like to clarify that one can feel tired or even exhausted without feeling sleepy. Sleepy is great! Sleepy means I can actually sleep and get the rest my body needs. I have not felt tired since day 5 of the program. Literally not once!

Over half-way there, and feeling good.

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