Friday, January 14, 2011

Detox/Purification Day 7 of 21

Week 1 is almost over!

Things have been going well, so far. My energy level has remained high, I am sleeping better and I am not hungry.

I will admit that yesterday I ate some food that was not "on-plan". I was away from my house and my office, making it difficult for me to bring food with me. Still, I did my best to eat well: for lunch I had an organic green salad with balsamic vinaigrette (approved foods) and some walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese (not approved) and a side of brown rice (approved); for dinner I had a small bowl of soup with organic spinach and white potatoes (none of that is approved due to the length of cooking time) and three meatballs (not approved). All in all, I didn't do too terribly, but I feel bloated today, due to the extra salt.

That being said, a walnut has NEVER tasted so good! After having so little fat in my diet, I could really taste the wonderful fatty meatiness of the nuts. It was a VERY enjoyable lunch:)

Today we have our first progress meeting with Dr. Dakoji. I am looking forward to hearing how everyone else in the group fared with their first week.

Incidentally, for those interested in detoxing to jump-start their weight loss: I have lost 6 pounds since starting the program. My plan to recover from holiday excesses is working well!

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