Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, as you all know it's been a while. We've had a lot of changes at the office since my last post. We have a new massage therapist named Janet and a new chiropractor, Sravanthi Dakoji, D.C.

The most exciting thing in our office right now is the new Detoxification Program Dr. Dakoji is introducing. There will be an informational meeting held here at the office on Friday, 1/7/11 at 11:30am to get things started. The program is being done with support from Standard Process. I am very excited about getting started on this detox! The month from Thanksgiving to Christmas was one of cookies and fudge and pie and stuffing and all sorts of other wonderful foods...I think we could all use a little cleansing.

Email for more information, and come join us as we start a healthy new year!

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